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the kandle co.

flower bouquet

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an experience of a beautiful bouquet with scents of colorful and heart warming lily, peony and jasmine flowers uplifted by white musk, clove leaves, cardamom and snow drop to make you feel loved and cared for inside

each bottle will last 6-8 weeks and contails roughly 4.7 fl oz of liquid which is filled by weight, so levels might vary

each bottle is shipped with 6 natural black rattan sticks, which you can increase of decrease for a scent diffusion of your preference

please keep in a small to medium sized environment which does not experience wafty air currents

flip the reeds every 2-3 days to refresh the scent

keep away from heat sources and avoid direct contact with skin and eyes

keep out of reach of children and pets and avoid any ingestion of the material

use gloves while changing the orientation of the reed stick or the sticks themselves